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Lady Morrigan Deity Tealight Candles

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Crafted with reverence, the Lady Morrigan tealight candle embodies the essence of the enigmatic Celtic goddess of fate, magic, and sovereignty. The candle's tealight form flickers with a mystical allure, reflecting the shifting energies of the Otherworld.

At its base, a miniature dagger symbolizes Morrigan's fierce and protective nature, invoking her warrior aspect. Suspended delicately alongside, a tarot card charm hints at her prophetic powers and connection to the threads of destiny.

Infused with the potent aroma of dragon's blood resin, the candle releases a captivating scent that evokes ancient realms and arcane wisdom. Adorned with a scattering of sacred herbs and shimmering crystals, it becomes a conduit for channeling the elemental forces that Morrigan commands.

Lit in her honor, the Lady Morrigan tealight candle invites seekers to commune with the mysteries of the unseen, to embrace the cycles of transformation, and to heed the call of their own inner sovereignty.