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Kitchen Witch Candle

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Transport yourself to a realm of culinary enchantment with our signature "Kitchen Witch" Soy Candle. This handcrafted candle is a homage to the mystical artistry of kitchen witches and the aromatic essence they infuse into their craft.

Scent Profile: The "Kitchen Witch" candle features a captivating blend of fragrances that evoke the essence of a bountiful herb garden. Imagine the soothing aroma of fresh Rosemary, the earthy tones of Basil, and the subtle hints of aromatic Thyme coming together in perfect harmony. These scents are meticulously balanced to create an atmosphere of warmth and culinary delight.


  • Soy Wax Base: Offering a clean and slow-burning experience, symbolizing purity and tranquility.
  • Essential Oils:
    • Rosemary: Known for its invigorating and purifying properties, it infuses an uplifting energy into the space.
    • Basil: With its rich and earthy aroma, it brings a sense of grounding and comfort.
    • Thyme: Aromatic and calming, it adds depth to the fragrance, creating a serene ambiance.

Design and Presentation: Envision a charming glass jar housing the "Kitchen Witch" Soy Candle, adorned with rustic yet enchanting labels depicting culinary herbs and magical symbols. As the candle burns, the warm glow illuminates the surroundings, casting a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Usage: Light this candle in your kitchen, dining area, or any space where you wish to infuse a delightful aroma reminiscent of fresh herbs. Whether you're preparing a meal, relaxing with a book, or entertaining guests, allow the fragrant blend to elevate your surroundings and invoke a sense of magic in everyday moments.

Candle Safety Instructions
1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
2. Never use water to extinguish a candle; this is extremely dangerous as it can cause excess heat and steam, which may cause the container/glass to explode.
3. Ensure wicks are upright and trimmed to 7mm (1/4 inch) during use and each time candle is relit.
4. Never move a burning candle. Ensure candle is extinguished, wax is solid and jar is cold before handling.
5. Candle tins may become hot. Burn candle on an appropriate flat heat-resistant surface.
6. Avoid using in drafty areas, near an open window, air duct or fan.
7. Keep away from children, pets and flammable materials.
8. Do not use lid to extinguish candle.
9. Don't burn a candle all the way down. Extinguish the flame if it comes too close to the holder or container.