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Here Comes the Yule Cat Mug!

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Product Description: Yule Cat 15 oz Mug

Immerse yourself in the enchanting folklore of the Yule Cat with our exclusive Yule Cat 15 oz Mug. This intricately designed mug features a captivating depiction of the legendary Yule Cat tale, professionally printed on both sides and heat-pressed in our home studio to ensure enduring quality.

Design: The Yule Cat, a mythical creature from Icelandic folklore, adorns both sides of this ceramic mug. Imagine a fearsome feline figure, its fur bristling with wild energy, prowling amidst snowy landscapes and twinkling stars. The vibrant and detailed illustration captures the essence of the Yule Cat legend, evoking a sense of both awe and wonder.

The Yule Cat Tale: The Yule Cat, known as "Jólakötturinn" in Icelandic folklore, is a colossal and imposing creature said to roam the countryside during the Christmas season. As per the ancient legend, the Yule Cat is said to lurk about, seeking out those who haven't received new clothes before Christmas Eve. It's believed that those who haven't been gifted new attire will face the threat of encountering the Yule Cat, who might devour them whole.

Production Details: Employing high-quality inks and a heat-press method in our home studio, we ensure that the vivid image of the Yule Cat tale is permanently printed onto the mug. The design is meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time, with no fading or peeling even after numerous uses and washes.

Mug Specifications: Crafted from durable ceramic, this 15 oz mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing for effortless maintenance and convenient heating of your favorite beverages. Please note, slight color variations may occur due to differences in computer resolutions.


The artwork used is licensed from Sniggle Sloth™