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Brazil Jade Crystal Tumble

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Brazilian Jade (Amazonite): The Stone of Harmony and Courage

Metaphysical Properties: Harmony and Balance: Brazilian Jade is esteemed for its ability to promote harmony and balance in life. It's thought to soothe emotional turmoil, fostering a sense of calmness and tranquility within oneself.

Communication and Truth: This stone is associated with enhancing communication skills and facilitating honest expression. It's believed to aid in articulating thoughts and emotions effectively.

Empowerment and Courage: Brazilian Jade is believed to bestow courage and inner strength, enabling individuals to overcome fears and anxieties. It's often associated with instilling confidence and assertiveness.

Manifestation and Hope: Embracing hope and optimism, Brazilian Jade is thought to support manifestation and aligning intentions with actions, assisting individuals in achieving their goals.

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